Waterproofing IN Oshawa & DURHAM REGION for Homes and Businesses 

Waterproofing your Oshawa home or business’ basement or crawl space is a small investment that can pay for itself over the years. Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc & Call The Foundation Doctor is Oshawa’s trusted source for professional waterproofing services. Since 1994, home and business owners throughout Durham Region have counted on our team for efficient and affordable waterproofing services that stand the test of time. . We tend to protect your property from structural damages through plumbing services. Trust our experts for waterproofing in Oshawa. 

If you have noticed these signs, you should call us for waterproofing services:
• Stains on floors or walls
• Stinking wet basements
• Pooling of water on the surface at your home
• Leakage from old pipes
• Bug breeding ground in wet surfaces or walls


Have you noticed any signs of seepage in your house due to water intrusion? Restricting water and moisture to enter through the ceiling or floor can save your building’s foundation. Getting this job done on your own is difficult, you should call an expert. If you are looking for licensed and experienced contractors, you can count on Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc & Call The Foundation Doctor. We are dedicated to complete the assigned job without any delay. If you have been ignoring the inconvenience due to leakage in the building, it’s high time to take this matter seriously. Trapped moisture can deteriorate roof structure, waterproofing is the long-term solution. There are many benefits of waterproofing such as:

• It prolongs the lifespan of the building.
• It helps to reduce the moisture and water ingress in your interiors.
• It is one time investment with long-term benefits.
• It restricts mold and mildew causing health problems.
• There is no maintenance cost like frequent expensive repairs.

Waterproofing can help eliminate all the wet basement problems. So what are you waiting for? Hire us for exterior waterproofing in Oshawa.

Protect Your Foundation

Expert waterproofing from Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc & Call The Foundation Doctor can help preserve your foundation’s integrity. Standing water on your basement floor can permanently erode your
foundation’s strength. Count on us for inside crack injections and outside foundation waterproofing. We’re proud to use waterproofing products from SOPREMA® and grout crack repair products from Green Mountain. Simple waterproofing services from Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc & Call The Foundation Doctor can prevent standing water and foul odours and help protect your basement floor for years to come. Contact us today for a quote!

The Importance of Waterproofing

Owner of Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc & Call The Foundation Doctor, Kelly Vaillancourt, says property owners should invest in professional waterproofing to protect their property. “The most effective solution is to waterproof your foundation from the outside to prevent water from coming in contact with the actual concrete wall. We use a rubber membrane, which is expandable, so that it stretches with the foundation as it shifts due to our changing climate.”

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