Pipe Thawing

Emergency Pipe Thawing for Ontario Homes & Businesses

As Ontarians, we know winter can be brutal. Nothing is more disruptive or unpleasant than frozen pipes at your home or business. Luckily, the qualified team and our specialized equipment from Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc is standing by to offer 24/7 pipe thawing services throughout Durham Region.

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

We recommend you take the steps below to help prevent frozen pipes during the winter. But if you need rapid pipe thawing, contact Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc today.

  • Inspect the water supply lines around your home. Note any supply lines that are found in unheated areas. These are the most likely to freeze and should be monitored regularly during cold weather.
  • Consider adding a pipe sleeve or installing heat tape around water supply lines found outdoors or in unheated areas of your property.
  • Be sure to keep bathroom and kitchen cabinets open during cold weather to allow heated air to more easily reach water lines to help prevent freezing.
  • Even if you’re on vacation, keep your home or office’s heating unit working and leave faucets running at a slow trickle to help keep water in motion to prevent freezing.
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Hot Water Tanks in Oshawa | Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc.

Hot Water Tanks

Hot Water Tank Services in Oshawa and Durham Region

When your home or business needs fast, emergency hot water tank service, count on Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc! Our team of certified and licensed master plumbers is fully insured and can make quick work of any hot water tank issue you face. Serving home and business
owners, Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc is the top choice for fast and affordable hot water tank service!

Contact us today to speak to our qualified team.

Quality Hot Water Tank Installation

Hot water tanks are necessary in our home and offices; without them certain tasks are hard to carry out. In order to get hot water 24/7 in our home, you need to have quality hot water system. If you want to have a constant supply of hot water, we can install good-quality hot water tanks in your home. Choosing the right and reliable hot water tanks is necessary, as they are a one-time investment. So you can rely on us to provide you with quality hot water tank installation service.

Reliable Hot Water Tank Repair Services

There is nothing more terrifying than realizing that your hot water tank is not working on a cold morning. Don’t panic! Our professional plumbers can come to your home and fix it without any hassle. We usually take water tanks for granted until they stop working at the time of need and emergency. Whether your hot water supply has stopped or tank is not heating the water, you can rely on our 24/7 emergency plumbers to attend the situation and get it fixed immediately.

Hot Water Tank Services in Durham Region

Get your hot water tank serviced today by our professional plumbers. It is very important to monitor the condition of your hot water tank to maintain it in good condition. If you haven’t got your hot water tank inspected recently, contact us, and we’ll inspect your tank and fix any irregularities. We provide hot water tank services in Durham and Oshawa region.

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