Backflow Prevention

Licenced Backflow Prevention Specialists in Oshawa & Durham Region

Backflowing water in your home or business’ plumbing system can endanger your family. Count on the fully licensed plumbing experts from Call The Plumbing Doctor Inc for total backflow prevention in Oshawa and elsewhere in Durham Region. We install, test and repair a range of
backflow preventers to help keep your plumbing system working as it should. We provide backflow prevention inspections throughout Durham Region. Speak to our team today to schedule backflow prevention at your home or business in Oshawa or throughout the surrounding area!

Backflow Installation Process

As we know backflow is a very dangerous thing that can affect thousands of lives, so it is important that every home have a backflow prevention system installed. We will inspect your water system at your property and based on the result of the inspection, we’ll decide whether you need a backflow installation system or not. If the need be to install the system, we have certified plumbers who can get the job done. Most of them backflow systems must be inspected annually to check and maintain their condition. In most scenarios, backflow testing is considered to be mandatory. But you can rely on us to install a backflow system and perform testing on regular intervals. So if think you need a backflow prevention system in your home, call us, and we’ll install it.

Repair Services for Backflow Prevention System

If you’re noticing contaminated water flow from your values, it is time to call the backflow prevention experts at our facility. Our experienced staff will inspect your backflow prevention system and make the necessary repairs. The backflow repairs can be carried out by our licensed and certified plumbers. Do not wait for your water to get contaminated with unwanted materials and substances; call us and get your backflow system repaired today.

Reliable Backflow Prevention Specialists in Oshawa and Durham Region

Did you know a backflow prevention system can be installed and repaired by a licensed contractor, plumber or backflow professional? So we have licensed and certified backflow prevention specialists that install, repair and inspect your backflow system and maintain it in good condition. Our backflow prevention specialists have the knowledge to give you the right guidelines on how to operate your backflow system. Schedule an appointment today to get a backflow prevention system in your home.

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